A Day in Epcot

In my opinion, Epcot is one of the most underrated parks at Disney. There’s so much to do there, and so many people take it for granted. I may be biased though, it is home to one of my all time favorite rides: Test Track. I mean, who doesn’t love the anticipation of going through each simulated obstacle, only to find yourself speeding around the outside of the track minutes later. Epcot is also home to the World’s Showcase. Visitors get to experience the sights and sounds of many different countries without having to actually visit them. Disney has done such a great job with making each country seem so realistic, it feels as though you’re actually there! From the artificial Eiffel Tower to the sights and smells of China, the World’s Showcase really does have it all. The futuristic geosphere (also known as the giant golf ball) blasts through time as riders get a glimpse of what life was like for the ancient romans, all the way up to when the first computer was invented. Epcot allows visitors to experience worlds they never imagined. From blasting off on Mission Space, to flying over Niagra Falls on Soarin’, tourists will never be bored in Epcot!IMG_6248


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