Tips for braving the crowds and making the most of Disney Vacation

It’s no wonder so many want to experience the magic of Walt Disney World at least once in their lifetime. Between the thrill rides and waiting in line to meet your favorite Disney princess, theres so much to fit into a day. Planning a Disney vacation might seem overwhelming at first, but the tips listed below might help make your trip just a little more magical!

Arrive early

No one likes to spend their day waiting in line for hours, especially at Disney. When planning a day in the Disney Parks, one of the most important things to remember is to always arrive early. Rides are much easier to get on earlier in the morning than they are in the afternoon, crowds haven’t begun to form yet and the wait times are not usually more than 20 to 30 minutes. During the summer hours, each park may have earlier opening times, so it’s always important to check with cast members before arriving. (Pic Credit:

 Use FastPass

When looking to skip to the front of the line on your favorite ride, FastPasses are your best friend. While booking your Disney vacation, you have the option to reserve up to three FastPasses in each park. These FastPasses allow you to get a seat on your reserved rides faster than you would if you were waiting with everyone else. Once you have used all three of your FastPasses, you have the option to reserve more on rides that are still available. (Pic Credit: Undercover Tourist)

Take Advantage of the Single Rider line

Single rider lines allow groups to split up and ride separately when you have more than the ride allows. Sometimes you are paired with people from your group, but more times than not you are with other random single riders. The single rider lines allow riders to experience the ride must quicker than most. Since most groups don’t want to split up, the single rider line is usually a lot shorter (Pic Credit:


Plan ahead (plan for rain, heat etc)

It’s no surprise that Florida summers are unpredictable. One minute you could be standing in sweltering heat, and the next you could be in the middle of a monsoon. When preparing for a day in the Disney parks, it’s always good to pack for any occasion. Rain jackets and ponchos are a must. Ponchos can be bought in Disney Parks gift shops if you forget them (Pic Credit: